Santee, South Carolina

I saw an ad for a free Maven box from Julep(you only pay shipping with a promo code), which I had been wanting.I signed up for 3 different accounts so my mother and sister could also get a free box.

Worst *** idea ever. I wanted to cancel the subscriptions but then found out the only way is to call, I called 5 times and got nothing done. They don't give you the option to delete your account either, the ONLY way is to call and have them cancel the subscription(s) which is hopeless.

I got charged $24.99 for each box even after their terrible customer service.The prices are *** outrageous and the products aren't even as good as they're hyped up to be.Don't trust these ads.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Longmont, Colorado, United States #863612

Why would you blame Julep because YOU decided to take advantage of the system and sign up for multiple accounts so you could get multiple introductory boxes?

It sounds to me like you're the one who is trying to commit fraud.

Furthermore, you shouldn't sign up for something you don't fully understand. I've been a member of the Maven program with Julep for over two years now and I've seen some people complain about having to call to cancel, but it specifically states that on the FAQ, which you can look at -- BEFORE you sign up.

Your complaint takes the cake though because you so obviously deserved what happened when you signed up for multiple accounts.

to Anonymous #863622

Why don't they answer the flipping phones? You took time to defend this company and blame the OP, but you failed to address that issue...

Houston, Texas, United States #832061

I had to send a nasty email as well. It's the only way they would cancel it!

Santee, South Carolina, United States #831881

After sending a rather nasty email they canceled the subscriptions, with refunds.

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