In response to everyone who posted that they didn't know they were signing up for a subscription: You're all idiots. You're blaming the company for your lack of education. Are you people really THAT ***?

My advice: Read before you click. This company clearly states the first box is a PROMOTIONAL offer. It also says you are signing up for a monthly subscription. The information is not hidden. It is in clear view for ALL to see and not just for highly intelligent people like me. Common sense should tell anyone that a "promo" is basically an introductory offer.

Great products. Excellent customer service. Illiterate customers.

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Tempe, Arizona, United States #1220519

I am so thankful I read all these reviews!

Now, does anyone have anything good to say about the product?Just curious.

Also, how much is this subscription and is it paid monthly?

Personally, I would close my bank account if they tried to pull this *** on me because I don't have a credit card!

I have a debit MasterCard and 2 debit Visas.I don't mess with credit cards.

to JoJo Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #1249631

I already closed my card after ordering the reviews. It was NOT state she anywhere that it wasn't going to be reoccurring charges. I was able to report the more as fraud and took care of that thanks to people on here.

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1220508

So, how much is the monthly payment?

Mountain View, California, United States #1123031

Such a rude and nasty little girl!


Puff....I got it offered to me as a promo at the same type of site....How come Julep emailed me the terms and not you?That is really weird....I mean I had to read through and accept them...so really you are an ***.

I'm sorry you forgot to read the important stuff, but it isn't the company's fault for your own lack of knowledge.

The information is offered to those who wish to read it.If not, the company cannot be held responsible for "stealing" when clearly they weren't.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #969223

I agree 100%, everything is written in plain sight for all to comprehend.Before I signed up, I completed the promotion time.

The rep answered all (100 :) my questions.After I submit this review I'm going to place my 2015 order ✌

Bolivar, Ohio, United States #964696

You know that I did not sign up for membership.The product was offered to me at the end of filling out a research site.

It was offered as a gift then when they got my debit card number they charged me for the membership that I did not agree. I did not sign up for the membership. But that is how they get you. Hoping the offer is well hidden or not even there.

You do not call people illiterate when you are the ones that rip us off for the end of putting the money in their pockets illegally. I did not go to their website to seek out the creams.

You are the ones that steal the money to line your pockets.I will tell everyone who will listen that you are stealing money that does not belong to you.

to Puff #985205

Puff, don't feel bad, a lot of underhanded "companies" use this type scam.Cancel the membership and send a registered letter stating that you are canceling the "membership".

Also in the registered letter, state that they are NOT TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR ANYTHING!

The charge was for the "gift" so when it comes don't open it until you know there is no charge to you. Nor any other package from them. This is just my advice so you do what you think is right. You should ask people you know and respect their opinion.

Please do not give them your CC# unless you know why they want it.They had no need for it.

Good Luck!

to Puff Kenmore, Washington, United States #997629

Pretty sure she doesn't work there.She says " the company" instead of "us".

If you give your card number and have not read every word there is no one else to blame. It was obvious when I signed up what this was.

I read everything first, I knew getting something for nothing was to to good to be true so I made sure to do my research.Why would it just be free?

Durham, North Carolina, United States #948998

Finally someone with a *** brain!!!I wrote basically the same thing my review also.

They are idiots.

I guess they thought Julep was a nail polish charity!LMFAO!!!

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