I had no issues with Julep (so far), but I knew exactly what I was getting into. Even though I knew it was a subscription, I still couldn't find that information on their website until after I'd bought the box. Then it was in 6-point pale grey font at the bottom of the confirmation email, and I only saw it because I'm absolutely neurotic about those sorts of things.

Anyway, I knew beforehand that it was a subscription I'd need to cancel, and that you had to call to cancel. So I ordered a box (still hasn't arrived), made sure I had plenty of time before the 19th, which is when they bill you for the next month, and then called to cancel a couple of hours later. The phone tree was a little irritating but a very nice rep picked up within ~3 minutes. I just gave her the email address to my account and she cancelled my subscription.

When the boxes eventually arrive, I don't have super high hopes for the nail polish quality given the online reviews, but I'm looking forward to the gel eye liner.

Anyway, this is basically a predatory-but-legal company--they're willing to give people like me a free item or two in exchange for suckering in everyone who doesn't read all the fine print very carefully.

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