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I received my first maven box 10 days late and immediately determined that $27 for 2 lipgloss was not a deal. I immediately called and had to leave a message to cancel my account because the lines were backed up,and that was all it allowed.

I clearly stated the purpose of my call and left my phone number. That was at least 15 days ago. A few days ago I noticed a pending charge on my account for the August box. I immediately emailed to again say to cancel and I then received a response that it would be 3 to 4 days before they could respond.

Today I received a shipping notice and finally was able to speak to a rather rude person after a long wait on the phone. I was told that they no longer cancel accounts by email, and that their phone messages were very backed up .....probably from ticked off people trying to cancel like me... And that I needed to actually speak to someone to cancel even though prior calls would only let me leave a message due to the ridiculous wait time. Anyway I asked if I could send the box back and was told they would issue a store credit only when they received my return but no charge credit.

Items are way overpriced. What a joke.

This screams out scam.....DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. !!!

Monetary Loss: $27.

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I had been having the same issue for a month and FINALLY got a hold of someone today BUT I had to select 1 for technical support. She didn't ask any questions or try to get me to change my mind.

Just asked for my email address, canceled my account and refunded my money.

I would suggest just selecting 1 for technical support because it seems like they are more willing to help. Hope this helps ladies!

to Anonymous #849613

I tried pressing all of the numbers that are listed and I have gotten no response. You were lucky. Hopefully someone answers soon.


I have the exact same problem . i originally made a purchase on their site but it was only for 2.99 because i used code to get it for free ( only had to pay shipping).

so about 2 weeks later i check my checking account info. and see a $24.99 CHARGE ON my account from julep! i'm like "I didnt make that purchase, WTF!" so i try emailing and calling but to no avail.

i want my money back on a purchase I never was aware of or made! i am beyond pissed.

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