I joined Julep as a maven the end of December 2013. In those 7 weeks I placed orders totaling $165.00. My last order sat at the post office in Texas, 5 hours from where I live from the 7th till the 14th. I already called Julep and both times the customer service was horrible. I called the post office, they point fingers at each other but still my order that I paid for on the 4th has not arrived. The date again has been changed on their estimated "delivery date" order calendar from the 11th to the 17th pushing it to the latest business day and missing the valentine date that my husband had gotten this polish for me. You would think they would offer a coupon for a discount on next purchase or free 3 day shipping on the next order but instead they are rude, could care less about keeping a loyal customer. Its a word of mouth, girlfriend recommended business. I would never recommend Julep after this.

My introductory box, one polish already had the swatch painted on top, and both colors were thick, meaning old and already used and returned. I ignored that thinking it was a fluke, it wasn't. The polishes are already half the size of most polishes, so the sales are not really sales. I got this because I thought it would be fun but they have taken all the fun out of it. I will be canceling my membership and buy Sephora's new nail colors. It's a better deal. I can see it, I can also easily return it if It doesn't look good on. It also stays on longer without chipping off.

Bottom line I am extremely disappointed with Julep and lack of customer service which both reps were rude. For girl friend powered, the "girl friends" on the phone line were the worst. Save yourself time, aggravation and get your polish, same price, twice the amount at a store ie. OPI, Essie, Sephora X, etc. and you chose individual color preference not a set. Also the new bty product of Juleps are highly disappointing, the only product I like they never have is the hand scrub and its never in stock.

Twenty dollars a month for a box with 2 small polishes and a unproven, usually cheap, properly packaged bty product is not a good deal. This business's products no longer sell themselves and the small time feel of girl power, small business, great service no longer exists. I'm angry that I spent as much as I did on them. I will be removing from pinterest, I will not advertise a business that treat's loyal customers so poorly when their whole slogan claims to be based on rewarding loyalty.

As for holding onto the package for 7 days (original estimate delivery date was the 10th), changing dates, pushing it out to the last "business days" turning 10 days max to 14 days maybe (changing the date to the 17th) They took my money 2 weeks ago, and once received they care nothing about customer service. I think the goal is to get you to pay for faster shipping. At least at a store I get my product the same day they take my money. Maven membership is not the fun girly box in the mail I thought it would be. I will go back to Sephora or Ulta, walmart for my polish and get the quality bty products I'm used to from sephora, the same day I pay for it, with freedom to chose the exact colors I want whether its eye shadow or polish. If I want to send a gift to a girl friend or family member , it will be a gift card, without the frustration I feel now. I don't want them treating friends or family members the way they treated me. Goodbye and good riddance julep.

Review about: Julep Nail Polish.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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Way to go! You know how to point fingers at people who have absolutely no control over where your shipment is once it leaves their warehouse!

8D Good for you! ,)

to Anonymous #813160

u work for julep don't u-well they suck big time!

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